Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sweet Japanese Snacks

Yummy goodness! I love love love Glica Pocky Almond Crush snacks! Light and crispy sticks dipped in chocolate and then covered in crushed almonds... *drool  One of my favorite sweet snacks to pick up when I'm at the Japanese Market

My favorite candy (chocolates) to pick up are Meiji Meltyblend chocolates. I usually get the milk chocolate, but I know there are strawberry and green tea varieties as well.  I want to try the green tea some time.  These are little chocolate cubes dusted with cocoa powder and have a rich, buttery semi-sweet dark chocolate flavor.  When you pop it into your mouth, it's smooth and almost icy tasting, with a texture that melts in into softness--kind of like a chocolate truffle. Mmmmmm...

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