Saturday, February 20, 2010

Perfectly Poached

 used my new egg poachers, and they work brilliantly! Yum!

For these, spray the inside with a non-stick oil like Pam and then crack in the egg.  I like to sprinkle some garlic powder on top because I like garlic.  I put these egg poachers in about 2-3 inches of boiling water in a pot and then cover it with its lid for about 5 minutes to steam/poach.  I remove the poachers with a slotted spoon (the steam in the pot is too hot for me to grab these with my hand), tilt them by holding 2 edges and these bad boys slide right out! Easy clean and perfectly poached eggs!  Top with a sprinkle of salt & pepper to taste.

I LOVE these things! HotSpot EggShell Silicone Egg Poacher - A+!

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