Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flat Matte

I went perusing Forever 21 and ran across this little bargain in a bottle for $2.80: a teal-ish/green-ish MATTE FLAT nail polish! "Veeeerrry interesting," thought I.

So! What do I think? It's pretty cool! Different, definitely.  What I like about this is that it dries super fast.  When it's wet, it's slick and shiny looking and when it's dry--it's flat & matte, no hyper-shiny glossiness!  You KNOW when it's dry because it changes its sheen!

Now, this is cause for concern for top-coat users.  Most top coats I know of make your nails look shiny and are supposed to extend the life of your manicures.  You have to forgo the use of the top coat here and just use an undercoat instead.  BUT, on the up side, if you don't like the matte look, you could easily add the top coat and make your nail polish shiny!

I need to go back and find this in Matte BLACK! That'd be awesome!

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