Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sugar Fix Cream Concealer

I recently came across an amazing deal for 50+ Sugar Fix Cream Concealer sticks and swooped them up.  Now I'm thinking of posting them on eBay to sell.  They only come in one color (medium, neutral beige) and have really good reviews online by other users.

I've saved a few for myself as they really do glide on really nicely and are nice for spot concealing scars and blemishes, blend easily, and are good for under the eyes circles and brightening them up! I see that they have sold retail for $16+shipping on most websites.  Sephora used to sell these too, but right now I don't see Sephora selling anything in the Sugar line.  I'm thinking of selling these for $8-10 each + $5.50 Priority Shipping (I need to buy bubble wrap, tape, and tissue paper to package my stuff too).  (I only get a fraction of $8-10 because of PayPal fees).  Is this fair to sell it at this price?  Would people buy it for this much, or should I be charging a higher price point because it isn't easy to find anymore since it is now discontinued?

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