Sunday, January 31, 2010

The perfect purse

Someday, someday...

I will own one of these.

The classic Chanel flap bag... preferably with silver hardware.

Classic, timeless, gorgeous!

Classic Pumps

This post is inspired by my best friend's blog post mentioning the "perfect pump."

As many in the shoe-world know, 'Loubs' are known to be amongst the foot flattering and sexiest (not to mention expensive!).  For girls like me who are scraping by to live comfortably, these are not a practical purchase. These below retail for roughly $400.  That's a big dent in my pocketbook!  I can dream though, can't I?

For those of you looking for a more affordable option, has these Steve Madden Vivvaa Heels on sale right now for $96 (from a MSRP of $120):

Same basic pump shape with the hidden platform and the not too pointy, stitched toe.  If it fancies you, grab a paintbrush and paint the underside some hot, flashy color and save your pocketbook $300.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I wanted to write a quick review on these booties I got last December

Super comfy and well balanced! Soft leather and my feet feel secure in this cute little booty with pointy little heels (I love stilettos!).  They're not quite true stick thin stilettos, but they've got a modern, sturdy edge to it with the slightly thicker rounded top nearer the heel.  And I love that it's GRAY! My fav color!  It's a lower cut bootie, so if you're used to those kinds that wrap around your ankle, it might take some getting used to in walking around in these as you won't have "ankle support."  I kind of like the freedom, rather than restriction of movement of my ankles though. ^_^

I had to order these through the store (free shipping) because they didn't have my size in stock.  One thing to note is that it looks like the leather was "stained" the color gray because when I lifted under the straps I saw some obviously lighter patches of gray stained leather underneath on the body of the shoe. hm... oh well, totally unnoticeable if you leave the straps in place.  I bought these with a bunch of gift cards I collected for my birthday and Christmas.  Happy belated birthday to me!

Get the Aldo Racette at 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Super cute key chains!

I think that I passed my phase of collecting key chains back in Jr. High, but when my old UCLA roomie, Sandy & I, ran across these key chains in San Francisco's Chinatown, we couldn't resist!

They're reminiscent of the awesome PS3 game Little Planet, Big World's character, Sack Boy.

They had a HUGE selection, but the salesgirl there caught me pulling out my camera and barked a sharp "No photos!" before I had the chance to snap a picture. AND they strategically placed these right in front of the cash register so there was always a watchful eye. Alas, we only purchased 1 each so that I could check out the workmanship and hopefully recreate some day, along with my gazillion other projects I hope to accomplish.

Patent Leather Strap, Suede, Platform, Love!

Ahhhh! I'm so obsessed with these shoes!!

Steve Madden "Libation" - 5.5" heel, 1" platform! Soo sexy! I'm still (since December) waiting for them to go on sale because they're STILL $130! $100 is my absolute MAX to spend on shoes, but I usually buy in the $15-75 range. *sigh* The bargain hunter in!


Valentine's Day is coming up and my b.f. and I have pledged to healthy eating & regular exercising... after February 14th.

In preparation for this, I went on Amazon and purchased a digital scale (I've never owned a scale), a set of silicone egg poachers, and a digital thermometer for roasting meats in the oven instead of frying them on the stove top.  I can never get enough of kitchen gadgets and doo-dads!  

I want to buy some silicon egg rings from Ebay, $8 shipped! But I think I'll give myself something to buy tomorrow instead. hahaha...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chocolate anything

I just had to share! My most wonderful b.f. prepared for me a most delectable dessert!

French vanilla ice cream & whipped cream over a slice of chocolate cake! YUM!


I got my (bargain-shopped) gift in the mail for Brian (and myself...haha) for Valentine's Day today.

But gosh-darnit!! I got the ring too big for either of his ring fingers...he'll have to wear it on his middle finger.
Live and learn. It's not worth the shipping cost back.  I'll do an upgrade next year to Tungsten Carbide... maybe.

And one of my (3) gifts to myself:

18k gold over sterling silver 3A Champage Round 3.2Ct CZs...I guess it's called a "Mini Jessica Eternity Band" in some's cute and fun, but fits a little loose on my left ring finger, but perfectly on my right. It'll stay on my right ^_^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More makeup

Forgot to post that my package from came on January 18th!

I am currently testing the Vitacreme B12 and the Lucky Bi Joie face roller.

Vitacreme B12
I have been using this at night before bed and in the morning since January 19th.  The creme is a light, pink, cool and lightly floral? scented cream formulated in Switzerland.  It absorbs quickly and the reviews I've read says that it absorbs pretty deeply into the epidermis.  I've massaged this into my forehead and I think that I am seeing the fine lines starting to fade!  It's supposed to take 2 weeks before results are seen.  My skin does feel a little firmer though.  I've also been massaging it into some acne scars, the fine lines around my cheeks/mouth and the fine lines beginning to form under my eyes.  So far, my under eyes have seen no noticeable change.  The lines around my mouth seem just about the same as well.  Perhaps it is because of more movement?  Who knows?  I'll follow up in 2 weeks for the results and then to try the Biotherm Skin Vivo line!

Apparently, has raised the price on this! When I ordered it, I got it for $33.30 USD.  Now that I go back to check, it is OOS and $45.20 USD!  If I decide to repurchase, I'll be finding another vendor.  Looks promising:  $36.00 Free shipping and no tax!

Lucky Bi Joie Face Roller
I like how this feels on my face.  It's like giving yourself a facial massage. :)  I can feel the skin between the V-shape rollers tightening.  I definitely think this is boosting the circulation of blood and fluid under my skin because I think I've been doing it too much! I read other reviews how other people started to break out a little after using face rollers.  I think it may be a combination of my using the roller and my time of the month because I have 2 zits along my jawline.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A concern

photo taken on my visit 11-11-2004

I drive past the Getty Museum just about everyday and have been noticing a lone woman standing at its entrance with a large sign lately.

Last week, it has something that read along the lines of:

"Getty violates employee civil rights" and the flipside of it read "Take away Getty's non-profit tax status"

This week it was:

"Violence against women in the workplace is NEVER acceptable."

I tried to Google some kind of protest going on to be better educated, but--alas--there is nothing!

It is a bit concerning, since I love the Getty's architecture and art so much, but I don't think I could support an institution that lets violence against women/civil rights issues slide under the door.

Does anyone have any information they can share?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

On its way

Order date: 12/31/09
Order fulfillment date: 1/3/10
Notification of shipment: 1/4/10
Arrival at the HK post office for inspection: 1/7/10
Off to the US: 1/10/10

"delivery process may take 2-3 weeks"

Hmm.. maybe next time I'll just spend the $15 and get Express shipping

Monday, January 4, 2010


Here is a photo of the figurines I made for my roomies:

Chef Jo, Minnie Mouse Mi, FroYo Sandy, Karaoke Ao Dai Tracy

SO time consuming! Each one took me about 2-3 hours + drying time + paint & drying time. I put off the ones for my other people to next year... maybe.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Shower

I attended my Aunt's baby shower in Orange County today for her expectant baby girl, Kennedy, in late February!

My gift?

I went to Happy Six on Sawtelle in West LA and was happy to find that they had the Nero Gift Set I was looking for!

Super cute!

And, I couldn't help myself... but this Tokidoki x Hello Kitty shirt was on sale for 50% off so I got something for myself too!