Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gucci Steal/Deal

Here is my most recent deal/steal find! I neeeed to try these on!

Gucci Daryl heel $930

Bebe Lily steal $150

Update* 4/1/2010: So I went out, tried them on, they only had one pair left in my size (Century City; one pair at Santa Monica; one pair at Rodeo), they found their way into my shopping bag, and the rest is history.

I can't wait to rock them! ahhhhhh! What a splurge! :\ A beautiful splurge.

Coupon - Old Navy

Need some basic tops or cardigans from Old Navy?

30% coupon! Expires 4/4/10 (click on the coupon to go to page to print it)
These are my favorite: Stretch Tanks... just low enough for a good amount of cleavage and hugging enough not to pinch! (on sale @ Racerback: $8.00; Regular tank: $7.50)

Eye Candy

3/27/2010 - Legs galore!

Saturday, March 27 at XS Las Vegas @ Encore with my girls! What an amazing time! We had our own table right at the door from the inside of the club to the pool area to drink Red Bull & dance the night away (well, I did most of that)!  This is us poolside before finding our "spot" on the black couches under the heat lamps.

AND! If you need an awesome workout/dance DJ Skratchy's newest mix tape "Live at Lavo"! (thanks for putting us on the list for Tao/Lavo!) 

dress: Forever 21 (less than $15!)
chain bracelet: Forever 21
chain necklace: H&M
belt: Papaya (came with another top)
shoes: Bakers - 5 inches! YEAH!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thong. Sandals.

As much as I adore thong sandals, I don't find them to be comfortable for my particular set of feet. I love how sexy and cute they can be at the same time, embellished, or just a simple, plain strap. But alas, that space between my big toe and the adjacent toe don't like to have straps between them and hate me later when they're red, cut up, and painful! My webbing must be more sensitive or higher up or something.  Heels, I'll take the pain for.  But something so casual as sandals? No thanks, I'll save the pain for the pumps, platforms, and stilettos.  So I try to avoid them, but that doesn't stop me from admiring them.

For you girls lucky enough to have cute feet that don't get angry at you for wearing thong sandals, do it! But please, please, have your feet scrubbed and toe nails pedicured! I am one of many people who like to notice your feet if you have them exposed!  I'm not trying to look at something crusty or sprawled eagle claws.  If your toes tend to spread out, wear some t-straps instead of thongs! Something to support those suckers! Plus it'll make your feet look tons better!

Thanks for listening!

Here is a cute sandal that offers both the thong and the side foot support. Another steal/deal duo I found!

Juicy Couture Morgen ($195) - Get it at
Classified ($18) - Get it on sale at for ~$15

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More sandals

Found this deal/steal duo:

Michael Kors "Bristol Ankle" ($127) 
Classified Sandal ($15-30)
I like the floating ankle strap on these :)

As always, make sure your feet are cute (aka have had a nice pedicure)! No crusties please!

The Michael Kors is on sale at
Classifieds are on sale at (colors: black, white), all gold can be found on 

Iced Tea Love

My favorite iced tea!

Republic of Tea - Passion Fruit Green Tea
Unsweetened, fruity, yummy, refreshing! I like to add a packet of Stevia or Splenda and shake it up when it's ice cold to cool down.  These babies aren't for everyday though.  They're a splurge at about $4/bottle with my meals at Nordstrom Cafe (California grill is delicious!).

Drink tea, be happy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caged--Set me free!

Ahhhh! Can some shoe designer pllllleeease combine these--for cheap?

Christian Louboutin Coussin Caged Ankle Boots ($1595.00) in Miu Miu's Caged Platform Pump's nude/rose ($610.00) color??

Both are available from

Emergency Manual

Whew. This is an awful work week! I have work at 8 a.m. on Saturday! That means I have to get up at 6 a.m. so I can leave by 7 a.m.!

My co-worker forwarded me an awesome e-mail that had the "infamous" red binder in case of emergencies:

hahahaha! I love it!

Sandal fix

I went to my local affordable shoe store in the town of my alma mater to go hunting for a good pair of fashionable sandals for spring/summer.

I fell in love with these for $20--and trust me, I really don't like paying more than $10-15 for sandals...
BUT they are super comfy and the sole is lightly padded too! AND what else is great?
They cost $425 less than these Christian Louboutin sandals (you can buy at Barneys):

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea for all

I love green tea, but I love toasted brown rice green tea more!

Yamamotoyama Genmai Cha (Brown Rice Tea) is my favorite right now... Delicious popped rice, nutty, slightly sweet. YUM!  If you like cold, barley tea or like the grain-y, malt-y taste: you should try this!

Great for relaxing, great for antioxidants, and great for boosting your metabolism. Amazon sells these in bulk. I buy mine at my favorite local Japanese market, Nijiya. 16 packets for about $1.50--less than $0.10 a cup ^_^

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jump, skip, and ROMP!

ROMPERS! They will be back for this spring/summer!  There are plenty of affordable, and not so affordable rompers coming out.  I try to stick to the $15-$25 range for these.  Rompers are great because they are so versatile in their style and styling.  You can wear the looser ones as a cover-up for your bikini, or just a sunny day out with some sandals, or you can dress them up with some sexy heels, wedges, or espadrilles.  And the great thing about rompers is they're (generally) comfy and you don't have to worry about your panties making an appearance because they're essentially shorts & a top all in one!
Forever 21- Strapless Chambray Romper - $22.80

Wetseal - Racerback Romper - $16.50

Charlotte Russe - Solid Knit Romper - $18 

Old Navy - Women's Lounge Rompers  - $16.50

Old Navy - Women's Strapless Rompers (2") - $20 (on sale)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Ahhhh! How cute is this dress?
LOVE the punched out holes layer, the ruffles at the neck and sleeve, and ruffled trim! Cute color too!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lash storage

This is a most excellent idea! I oftentimes have to trim eyelashes so the corners aren't poking into the inner corners of my eyes and end up just throwing them away (what a waste!).  I usually put them into a little plastic baggie or an old cardboard jewelry box all mixed together.

Use a pill box or an art box with compartments to store cut or used lashes of different styles. Clever!

Chanel bridal

How cute is this? Super whimsical, feminine, and elegant. I really don't know how comfortable this would be though.

Americana/Navy trend

I have a very strong feeling that the Americana/Navy look will be back for this spring/summer and seen pretty much everywhere. At least I hope so!  Last year it started to debut for a short while, but I think this year it'll catch on more widespread.  Stripes, bold reds, whites, and blues, little anchors, bows, polka dots, and wide shoulders. I saw some cute little earring sets over at H&M with round red and white stripes, anchors, navy blue and white stripes, and metal rope knots.
image via


I personally like this look.  It gives you a chance to wear some classic red lipstick during the day if you so wanted and it has very casually glamorous retro-vintage feel!

Knit sweaters & Crochet

haha... I guess I am catching up with my blogging today!

I have a top from H&M that is similar to the one pictured below.  The sleeves are crocheted so you can see glimpses of skin and the rest of the top is solid knit.  Perfect for layering!  I also have some lace socks from Forever 21 like the ones below and black patent pumps from Aldo I got on sale a long time ago for $30.  When I saw this while flipping through a magazine I was totally excited because I had been wondering how I'd wear those socks!  I don't have a pearl necklace, but I think I'd rather layer on some chain necklaces on anyway.  We should all have a basic black tank top in our closet somewhere with some shorts (I happen to have some from H&M with the rolled up cuff).  OR you could wear a form fitting basic black stretch mini-dress underneath. I also have a long-strapped purse I got from H&M that would complete this look.

Sweeet! Enjoy!


Being the artsy-fart hoarder, I love "organic" and natural looking stuff.  These things caught my eye--basket weave:

Natural and cute. And those purses!! Chains are in right now for purses (reminiscent of the classic Chanel bag) and combined with this texture I think it'll be really cool for the spring/summer.

Dark brown & white

Here's another twist on the last post... instead of black & white, here is brown belt & with white lace top:

I have a tendency to like "country"/vintage patterns for a softer, more feminine look, so I prefer these bracelets from H&M that I picked up recently over the one pictured with the outfit. For a more casual look, go with some cute gladiator-ish sandals.  Cute, no?

Top: from Japan
Sandals: Bakers
Bracelets: H&M

Heavy & light

Peasant top, belt, shoes, chain!

I love this styling!  Cute and flirty without looking raunchy.  Pair this with some ankle booties and chain jewelry and you're done!  You can get the booties and bracelets at  The blouse, however, is from Japan.

Top: from Japan
Shoes: Bakers
Bracelets: Bakers

Saturday, March 6, 2010

On point!

I was flipping though a Japanese magazine and saw these shoes!

I really want them, but only if they added a platform.  I don't even know what brand they are.  I totally like the bunch of thin straps with buckles that go up to your ankles, the patent leather look, and petite point.

Shoes: from Japan

What time? HK time!

I received this watch for Christmas:

So... my challenge is, what do I wear it with?  It's not a dainty little watch.  The face is actually pretty big. Looks like a summer piece to wear with light colors?

Thursday, March 4, 2010



My 2005 OEM tires are about to retire as they are over 46k miles, nearly hitting 47k now.  The sidewalls have tiny cracks in's time to make my car safe with all the commuting I do!

I've narrowed my search down to 2 tires (215/45-17):

"Continental ExtremeContact DWS" vs. "Michelon Pilot Sport A/S Plus"


I've been through the big online retailers (,, and found a retailer in Cerritos (an hour drive away) that beats all of these guys prices by at least $30 a tire! That's $120.  Mounting & Balancing is $15 per tire at most $60+tax.

I am debating on whether to have my tires shipped or pick them up. $450 vs. $485 incl. mounting & balancing.  Hmmm... I think $35 is worth it to pay for gas & time traveled to pick up the tires.