Sunday, November 29, 2009

Loving Harajuku Lovers shoes!

I am SO in love with the new (affordable!) Harajuku Lovers shoe line!

I picked myself up this pair of Arlandas at Nordstrom a week ago (shoe sale! $74 what a steal!). They were the last pair, 5.5 -- and fit like a glove!

You can get them at by clicking the picture.

Or at (free shipping to & back)

Not only are they cute, they're COMFORTABLE! Super cute TOE & sole print! I stuck on a set of clear Foot Petal Sole Stopperz from Target so that 1) you don't go slip-sliding everywhere, and 2) so you can still see design at the bottom of the shoe -- at least for a little while before they get dirty from walking.

Makeup Brush Roll

Seeing these makeup brush rolls from makes me want to run out to the fabric store so that I can sew these for myself! I so desperately need some!

Click on the pictures below if you want to avoid the cuts, needle pricks, and hovering over the sewing machine to purchase!

Winter Dreams

Every time the holidays come around I come back to dreaming my own Cricut and starting a collection of embossing and die-cut machines so that I may embrace artsy craftsy desires.

Joann's sold out of their door buster deal on the Cricut by 5:30am EST for Black Friday! What a steal though! $78... perhaps next year when I actually have a place to put it.

I've been thinking of Christmas gifts this year. What to get for people who have pretty much everything? Nothing. Make your own personal gift. "Etsy" - hand made stuff!

I'm shopping around for some clay right now to make my own personal sculptures, but I need to get this started early if I'm going to make these for my...hmmm... 20+ aunties, cousins, and sisters. Off to the drawing board to make sketches fit for each one!

I made this one back in 2004. Thinking of doing a more Precious Moments style of sculpture for the gifts.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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