Thursday, December 31, 2009

More, more, more!

I just made another (MY LAST this year) of beauty products from overseas again. This time? Skin/face care! Must start early to maintain my skin! I see very fine lines already! -_-

This time around?

Coenzyme Q10 face cream, Vitacreme B12, DNA activating serums, and a roller.

It's holiday season so my order isn't expected to be fufilled until the 2nd or 3rd of January and I opted for Standard Shipping this time. No rush. We'll see how it goes.

It came! It fits!

Yayyy! Here it is! My Harajuku Lovers Kanji Girls Print 15" Laptop Sleeve!

Super soft inside

In we go!

Zipped up!

I'm very happy I took the chance of this not fitting my laptop (depth-wise) and purchased this! :)

The sleeve's dimensions: (HxWxD): 10.25 x 15.0 x 1.0 in.
My laptop's dimensions: (HxWxD): 9.2 x 13.4 x 1.5 in.


Here are some inspiring fun finds I've run across on the net that I'd like to mimic:

An almost dumb looking clay animal figurine... simple lines and shapes! I love it!

Tokidoki clay? figurines

Hello Kitty - CARNATIONS! So cute! So doable~
What could I use?
* Paint toothpicks black for the whiskers
* Yellow jellybean for the nose
* Black jellybeans for the eyes
* Wrapping ribbon for the bow
* White felt or foam for the ears

All Clear

I don't know if the rep over at just wanted to piss me off by saying the hold would be dropped in 7-14 days, but it dropped today. My bank was happy to help me to reverse my overdraft fees that hold caused too. WHEW! Now I can pay my rent.

As for FedEx, I am waiting for your redelivery today! You better come!

Delivery - FAIL

Yet ANOTHER delivery fail for my laptop sleeve. This time: FedEx! UGH! No notice this time and when I called the actual customer service, they said they'd call me back regarding a possible same day redeliver. FAIL. I received NO phone call!

Well, the package is said to be redelivered today, so I'll be waiting.

They better get it straight.

And DARN YOU! I hate your NON-REALTIME "in-store pickup" option! "Holding" my account and not releasing the authorization for 7-14 days is B.S.! My advice to people who want to buy something from Best Buy: do NOT use their in-store pick up option. Just call the store and ask customer service to put the item on hold for you so you can go in and pick up and and spare yourself the drama of "authorization holds."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun Laptop Sleeve

So! Since I got my new laptop I needed a new sleeve to go with it! I was initially going to go for a generic neoprene sleeve, BUT... I thought I might as well spend a little more to get something that suits my personality a bit more.

At first I was desperate to find the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Edition sleeve ($40 retail), BUT they are all sold out everywhere and are selling on Ebay for upwards of $100! Cute as it is, I am not willing to fork out a hundred smackaroos for that bad boy.

SoOo, what to get for my laptop? Well, since my purchase of my Harajuku Lovers shoes, I thought that this line might have something more affordable. Score $50!

Two side pockets - Check!
Handles - Check!
Detachable strap - Check!
Super cute design - Check!

I hope my laptop will fit. It comes to me tomorrow! Get it at the Apple store online:

Yum 'N Fun!

Tokidoki x Yogurtland = Yum 'N Fun!

Ahhh, what a perfect pairing! I got these at the Alhambra location after stuffing my face with shrimp & crawfish with my college roomies! I NEED to find the blue and white spoons somewhere! Only 2 days left of the collaboration! Must...hunt...down. Sawtelle, I'll be scoping you out tomorrow or the next day!

Monday, December 21, 2009


So much for waiting! Since my bf already purchased his black Sony Vaio CW, he pretty much did all the research for me. I got me a white one with 500GB! Lots of space compared to my puny 80GB Dell!

TaDaaaa~! I had to drive to Magic Mountain to get it because it was OOS at all the nearest Best Buys, but it's MINE!

Black Suede Booties!

I picked up these super cute booties from Bakers (by Wild Pair) during their 30% off entire purchase F&F event last week. So in love!  They're sturdy, comfy, and a lot of fun because they're so high.  They make your calves look awesome too!

"Rock It"

Product Information
• Heel Height – 4 3/4" (black snake skin print! can't really see it here)
• Platform – 3/4"
• Material – Kid Suede
• Toe – Almond
• Closure – Side Zip


After 7 years, I think it's time for a new laptop! My trusty Dell Latitude C610--while still works just fine--does not have the memory or power to handle all the graphics design software (aka CS suite) that like to eat up lots of resources and space on my hard drive.  I just finished a major freelance project and am using part of that paycheck to pay it.

I've barely started researching, so any thoughts? I'm digging the "chiclet" (Apple notebook) style keyboards. Don't want anything too big. I think ~14" would be perfect.


I am waiting for my package from Sephora to come via UPS today. I don't know why, but I think UPS hates my neighborhood or something. 4 times now they claim to have come by and I "wasn't available to sign," and leave NO notice--because they never came--I was HOME the whole gosh.darn day waiting for them all instances!!! They do a little swipe on their tablet because they're too tired to get to me by the end of the night! AND THEN they have the nerve to just drop it at my door without me signing after making the note that they needed my signature! SHADY!

If my package doesn't come today, I WILL be elevating my 5TH complaint to the supervisor level. I understand it's the holidays, but 4 times in 3 weeks?? PLUS I pay money for that shipping AND WASTE my day waiting for them so I don't miss them! I WORK hard for my money, and their JOB is to deliver my package!

They better pray they deliver my package this time or all hell will break loose!

Just had to vent

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I missed my snowboard pants package this morning from FedEx because I was stuck in traffic going to work! :( *sigh... tomorrow is another day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rain, rain... Snow, snow!

It's raining, again! Let's hope we're getting some snow out in the mountains! I miss being on the slopes. The last 2 years have been cruddy weather.

I FINALLY, FINALLY got around to purchasing some new snowboard pants! $38 (from retail of about $200) -- what a steal! I grabbed myself the last pair of XS White Special Blend Unity Womens 2009 Pants! Last season's style, but still a great buy! The last pants I purchased were in some denim texture Bonfires in 2003 at Skidazzle (talk about "high-water"). 6 years, I think it's time for some new pants!

I'll be waiting for you, FedEx.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Diamonds... are a girl's best friend

Since my boyfriend's mom was in town and I couldn't make it to go out of state this year to visit her and her husband with my boyfriend because of my new job, she wanted to go gift shopping for me.

Lucky me!

Last year, she got me this gorge, simple white gold pendant (Journey ® Diamond Jewelry):

This year she got me this simple yellow gold pendant (Journey ® Diamond Jewelry) to match my gold aviator RB3387 Ray Bans:

Art stores

I finally went to Blick yesterday in the Westside to pick up my clay and some sculpting supplies! I just hope my paints haven't dried out by now. I'll have to stock up later then. I could spend WEEKS browsing an art store! Everyone's always helpful and upbeat too. At least for the West LA and Beverly Blvd. locations when I went!

Time to bust out the sketch book! That is, after I am done with finals this week! I'll share my progress and results as I find time to do so!

NYX Product Review: NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in "Sparkling Rust"

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in "Sparkling Rust" (DS05)
It has a bit of sparkle (not too much like the annoying glitter us teeny-bops used to sport back in the early 90's) and is deep and very pretty. Glides on smoothly, makes my lips feel moist for a good while, but I have to have my tea in the morning at work and it just smears off on the cup--wah, wah). I love how the bottom of the tube actually shows the color of the lipstick! No more having to dig around and open each cap to figure out which is which! I think this will be a perfect color to debut for New Year's Eve!

Picture on the left is the color of the lipstick, the right is what the packaging looks like.

You can purchase online at Cherry Culture or NYX Cosmetics.


I went to Camarillo Outlets over the weekend (boy was it crowded!) and discovered a store that sells NYX Cosmetic products! It's called "Designer Fragrances" in unit 126. I'd always read reviews online how pigmented their eye shadows were (equivalent to MAC--is it just me or does walking into MAC stores intimidate you?) and I really didn't want to purchase online to find that I didn't like it. So lo-and-behold! A store with a pretty good selection of the makeup that I could see and (sneakily) try!

I ended up getting a makeup grab bag for $10 that had 2 eyeliners, 2 eye shadows, 1 nail polish, 1 set of eyelashes, 1 lipstick, and 2 samples of cologne (yes, for men! where one was nearly empty - I guess they were trying to fill up space). It turned out to be a good deal because one of those eye shadows would've already cost me $5.

My boyfriend's mom ended up getting one of NYX's Black Label Lipstick which looks really good on her (she's in her 50's). Her color was called "Diva". She mentioned that it made her lips feel moisturized from the COLD weather we were having that day.

I'll review my findings on the stuff I got soon.

Overseas orders

I recently placed an order online from Hong Kong via to Los Angeles.

I chose 5-7 business day express shipping ($15) because I purchased stocking stuffers and some other items for Christmas and wanted to be sure that it got here in time. Can I just say, AMAZINGLY fast shipping??

Get this, I ordered on December 2nd (8pm PST), it shipped on December 5th, and it arrived on December 7th! WOW! 2 day delivery!

I'm really pleased with the products and I love how these name brand beauty products say that they're manufactured in Japan with the cute Japanese writing on it!

I'll post my reviews soon, but I am totally in love with the eyebrow pencil!

Koji Spring Heart Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil (Light Brown)

Koji Spring Heart Long Lasting Eyebrow is a waterproof eyebrow pencil with a convenient sharpener attached, easy to use and long lasting. It helps you to leave a gentle impression to everyone.

country of origin

Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I'm soooo excited! I just bought this as a gift to myself: a Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Memories! Poor tree. It reminds us that we don't need to have lots of "stuff" to have a great holiday!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Loving Harajuku Lovers shoes!

I am SO in love with the new (affordable!) Harajuku Lovers shoe line!

I picked myself up this pair of Arlandas at Nordstrom a week ago (shoe sale! $74 what a steal!). They were the last pair, 5.5 -- and fit like a glove!

You can get them at by clicking the picture.

Or at (free shipping to & back)

Not only are they cute, they're COMFORTABLE! Super cute TOE & sole print! I stuck on a set of clear Foot Petal Sole Stopperz from Target so that 1) you don't go slip-sliding everywhere, and 2) so you can still see design at the bottom of the shoe -- at least for a little while before they get dirty from walking.

Makeup Brush Roll

Seeing these makeup brush rolls from makes me want to run out to the fabric store so that I can sew these for myself! I so desperately need some!

Click on the pictures below if you want to avoid the cuts, needle pricks, and hovering over the sewing machine to purchase!

Winter Dreams

Every time the holidays come around I come back to dreaming my own Cricut and starting a collection of embossing and die-cut machines so that I may embrace artsy craftsy desires.

Joann's sold out of their door buster deal on the Cricut by 5:30am EST for Black Friday! What a steal though! $78... perhaps next year when I actually have a place to put it.

I've been thinking of Christmas gifts this year. What to get for people who have pretty much everything? Nothing. Make your own personal gift. "Etsy" - hand made stuff!

I'm shopping around for some clay right now to make my own personal sculptures, but I need to get this started early if I'm going to make these for my...hmmm... 20+ aunties, cousins, and sisters. Off to the drawing board to make sketches fit for each one!

I made this one back in 2004. Thinking of doing a more Precious Moments style of sculpture for the gifts.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

all things "aw"-musing