Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for Destime

Perfection! I loooove  the color, the toe, the stiletto, the platform, the finish!

Presenting Aldo's "Destime" in bone -- So cute!
Walking on the ceiling...
Heel height: 5.5"
Platform height: 1.25"

I hate how Aldo doesn't carry half sizes though. I'm traditionally a 5.5, but to get pumps to fit me at Aldo, I wear a 5. My left foot is a tiiiny bit bigger than a 5/5.5 (width-wise), so I had to use my high heel stretcher to make it comfortable. Thank goodness for that! Love them!!

P.S. The Aldo website has sold out of size 5 in bone! That was quick!! I'm glad I grabbed mine up when I did!

Plus... doesn't its shape look very similar to Christian Louboutin's Bianca platform pumps?  Buy the real deal at for $735.00
Or buy the steal, Aldo's Destime, from for $90.00


  1. I wanted these a year and they didnt have my size =( But I just found them on Amazon in EVERY Color!!! So I'm super excited!!

  2. Amazon is a great thing! I love the different colors :) Such a perfectly shaped pump!

  3. Hey great shoes!! I noticed they came in "bone" and "bone misc"... I like your color but they seem darker than the pic they show of "bone".. Can you specify the color please?

  4. Hi! These are in the "bone" ... I think they are a little bit darker in real life than from Aldo's photos online, but they also look a little darker in my photos because of the lighting of the lamp and ceiling. I have Asian-fair skin. I think my my first photo is a little bit more on target with what "bone" really looks like.

  5. Thx so much!! Once again.. Very hot!!

  6. I have those shoes too and love them!!!! They look great on you <3

  7. Thanks for stopping by stilettolover! I want to get more of the Destime in different colors eventually when I have more $ to burn. They've come out with so many since I purchased these in bone!