Monday, May 10, 2010

Paint points

I went to Urban Outfitters to scavenge their clearance/sale section.  I hardly ever buy anything at full price there. Interestingly enough, whenever I get compliments on certain pieces, they are on pieces I pick up from the clearance section at UO.

Get ready for this steal...*drumroll* Nailpolish for... wait for it... wait... for... it...
$0.99 EACH! Woowww! And they are the colors they have out for regular price currently.  The only thing I saw wrong with ONE bottle was that there was a drip of paint outside of the bottle.  I nabbed up 8 of the colors below:
Chrome Pewter 1, Matte Grey 4, Grey 2, Blue 2, Blue 3, Blue 4, Green 2, Green 4, Orange 2, Orange 3, Red 1
(no flash)

I love these bottles! Square, rubberized black caps, and one side with some sort of cool black/clear design by grayhood.  The colors are light on the 1st coat, and then opaque by the 2nd coat.  Although I haven't tried them all yet, I think I needed 3 coats for the orange (on my toes right now). They dry pretty quick and I think are pretty good with the premature chipping issue.  I get a solid week out of them.

No shimmer or sparkle, just flat opaque-ish colors.  Although, if you like glitter, they sell nail polish with glitter too.  Find them near the cash register, or check the clearance section to see if any got thrown back there.  Currently, only the chrome set is available online.

Stay tuned for weekly photo updates of nail polish as I redo my manicures.

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