Friday, May 7, 2010

Goals: SHOOT!

Good morning!

With all the web browsing I've been doing, it's really re-sparked my interest in photography and art.  I think when I get my tax refund or car accident settlement check, I might buy a new camera... Canon T1i or T2i... not sure yet...

or... a new gun... Beretta 84FS Cheetah in Nickel. Gorgeous.

I think I get my good aim from my dad...he's an incredibly accurate shooter! I don't really like guns (yes, I know--then why by one?), but I seem to have a talent for it... and I like to collect tools and gadgets that I have a talent for. Yes, weird.

My target after my 1st time shooting a .40, my 2nd time at the gun range:
Will post video in another post.

What was awesome was that the Range Master came by to give me some (free!) tips to help me improve my shooting, complimented my shooting, and told my boyfriend to be careful. hahaha

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