Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tokidoki makeup

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I am a big fan of Tokidoki.  I've been following their releases and joint ventures and see that they've created a new line of makeup sold at Sephora. I'm curious to try their lip glosses.

Before they went to Sephora, though, they teamed up with Smashbox for a special limited edition collaboration in spring 2007.
As a big fan, I nabbed up the eye shadow quads "Modella" (model) and "Celebrita" (celebrity) back then. For reasons:  1) I love eye shadow, and 2) I wanted to collect the artwork, I went hunting for a great deal.  They retail for $30 each quad and can still be found on Amazon. Being the frugal bargain hunter I am, I got BOTH (completely new and sealed) for $18 - no tax & no shipping - from eBay in June 2008!

The colors are kind of strange. They don't come on the way they look in the palette, especially true for the "Modella" palette's lighter colors (palette with the brown).  They are shimmery and kind of light (not really pigmented?), but that may be that at the time I purchased these I didn't know about primer.  I may have to retry it.  I'll update this post with photos of how these colors show up on my skin.  I like it, but I don't love love it. The images are def. cute though.

Update (5.4.10):
Here are the Modella colors on my skin, primed, starting with the upper left corner white, blue, orange, brown:
The first 3 colors have a very iridescent quality to them. The white shimmers greenish-yellow.

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