Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sneak By

Hi Ladies! I've gotten a few positive comments about my shoes pictured in the photo with my girlfriends in Vegas, and they are by Bakers called "Sneak By".  I purchased them last year full price, but they are on sale now for $30 off the original price (now $49.99).  The only catch? They only have a size 6 left in stock in black.  So if this is your size, you're in luck!

They are light and comfy!  But getting used to walking in them (balancing because of the slight dip at the front of the platform) takes a few times, but after that it's a breeze! The under sole of the shoe is made of a rubbery material, so no need to add non-skid pads!  Awesome! They should make all heels with built-in traction (didn't they use to in the good ol' days? money mongers trying to make money off shoe enthusiasts now...).  The ankle cuffs are really cool and emphasize your legs--tightened up by the 5" heel--and ankle.  Don't worry that it's 5" because the  1 3/4" platform makes it easier to walk in.  I really do love these and think they are one of my most favorite shoes, so I'd highly recommend!

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