Monday, April 19, 2010

HG Conditioner

My HG (Holy Grail), absolute most favorite conditioner--as mentioned in my previous post--is by Infusium 23 (moistur)ologie.  I've been using this stuff since 1997 when the bottles were white!
I've tried tons of different conditioners, from cheap to salon quality, and I always come running back to Infusium 23.  I swear by it! It makes my hair feel like silk and keeps it soft, silky, and shiny.  I dye and bleach my hair fairly often, so it tends to get dried out and brittle, but this stuff is like a surge of moisture working from the inside-out of my hair! For those days I want an extra boost of silkiness, repair, and detangling, I use the spray in conditioner after my shower.  I love the smell and texture too.  It reminds me of "home" every time I use it.

They are about $7-8 a pop, but soOo worth it! I buy mine from Target, but you can find them easily at any pharmacy or superstore.

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