Sunday, April 25, 2010

My latest conquest

Update* 04/25/10: I wore these babies out last night for the first time! It was a great idea to put in the Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot cushion:
These shoes were surprisingly comfy to walk in! 4 hours straight standing and walking and no aches or pains in my feet after I took them off or after I woke up! They didn't cut into my feet anywhere either and I didn't need to stretch them. WooHoo! Another winner!  I think they've been sold out for 2 weeks now. Popular piece!

SoOo... *drumroll* Here they are! My latest shoe conquest from Bebe!  (Someone please tell my bank to reject any more transactions for shoes for awhile.)
I wanted to get a more interesting angle with the photos, so I'm walking on the ceiling. (haha) Look at those stilettos! LOVE! I put on the clear non skid by Fab Feet (you can buy 2 pairs at Target for $3 and some change).  Why clear? Because the bottom is a matte silver! Flashy!  I haven't worn them out yet, but I plan on putting in my trusty Dr. Scholl's ball of foot gel pads in these bad boys when I do.  They SEEM comfy enough.  We will see and I will update with my results.  The heels are super flattering for your calves though (probably helps that they are 5"+ in height!).  Pleased so far!

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