Monday, December 21, 2009


I am waiting for my package from Sephora to come via UPS today. I don't know why, but I think UPS hates my neighborhood or something. 4 times now they claim to have come by and I "wasn't available to sign," and leave NO notice--because they never came--I was HOME the whole gosh.darn day waiting for them all instances!!! They do a little swipe on their tablet because they're too tired to get to me by the end of the night! AND THEN they have the nerve to just drop it at my door without me signing after making the note that they needed my signature! SHADY!

If my package doesn't come today, I WILL be elevating my 5TH complaint to the supervisor level. I understand it's the holidays, but 4 times in 3 weeks?? PLUS I pay money for that shipping AND WASTE my day waiting for them so I don't miss them! I WORK hard for my money, and their JOB is to deliver my package!

They better pray they deliver my package this time or all hell will break loose!

Just had to vent

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