Thursday, December 31, 2009

Delivery - FAIL

Yet ANOTHER delivery fail for my laptop sleeve. This time: FedEx! UGH! No notice this time and when I called the actual customer service, they said they'd call me back regarding a possible same day redeliver. FAIL. I received NO phone call!

Well, the package is said to be redelivered today, so I'll be waiting.

They better get it straight.

And DARN YOU! I hate your NON-REALTIME "in-store pickup" option! "Holding" my account and not releasing the authorization for 7-14 days is B.S.! My advice to people who want to buy something from Best Buy: do NOT use their in-store pick up option. Just call the store and ask customer service to put the item on hold for you so you can go in and pick up and and spare yourself the drama of "authorization holds."

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