Friday, September 16, 2011

Sallie Hansen - Salon Effects in Lace

I wore these for the first time to my good friend's wedding.

Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in "Laced Up"

I got several compliments while wearing this over the weekend!  Most people thought it was done professionally in a salon. :)

Not too difficult to put on, and they did a good job of not chipping for the 5 days I wore them (I had to take them off before starting my clinical rotations).  It has a very slight "nail polish" smell to them when you first remove the clear protective layer on each strip (because it's made with real nail polish), but that fades fast. I cut mine in half so that I get 2 uses out of one box.  I heard that OPI has a nail prep (usually for acrylics) you can brush on before applying the strips to help it stick better... I'll try it next time!  Also, when removing these things, I literally had to soak a cotton ball for EACH fingernail... I guess that goes to show how well it sticks to your nails. 

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