Friday, June 4, 2010

M.A.C. / NYX Dupes

As promised, I found the side-by-side lists I was talking about in my last NYX post!  This is a compilation of different shades I've collected from 5+ websites (Google: "MAC dupes") that are direct MAC-NYX dupes...with some other drug store options:

Brand Name
MAC Amber Lights
NYX Golden, Milani Sun Goddess, Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba, L'Oreal HIP Saucy
MAC Band on Blue
NYX Lanikai 
MAC Beaded
NYX Sahara 
NYX Wild Fire 
MAC Carbon
NYX Black 
MAC Coco
NYX Beanie 
MAC Coppering
NYX Copper, Milani Flare
MAC Cranberry
NYX Rust 
MAC Dazzleray Pigment
NYC Loose Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne 
MAC Electric Coral Pigment
NYX Tropical 
MAC Electric Eel
NYX Irises, Milani Atlantis
MAC Emote
NYX Taupe 
MAC Eyepopping
NYX Lime Juice 
MAC Fab & Flashy
NYX Arica, NYX Golden Orange 
MAC French Gray
NYX Iced Mocha 
MAC Girl meets Boy
NYX Antique gold 
MAC Going Bananas
NYX Yellow Pearl 
MAC Humid
NYX Mermaid, Milani Clover, WnW Sensual Sage
MAC Juxt
NYX Springleaf, Jane Rain Forest, Milani Garden Mist
MAC Lucky Green
NYX Lime, Wet n' Wild Marquis
MAC Naked Lunch
NYX Aloha, Wet n' Wild Fine Wink
MAC Parrot
NYX Ocean, ULTA Deep Sea, L'oreal HIP in Showy
MAC Passionate
NYX Sunrise, NYX Redhead, NYX Cherry 
MAC Pink Vivid Pigment
NYX Hot Pink 
MAC Romping
NYX Hot Pink, NYX Burgundy Pearl, Milani Exotic Berry 
MAC Rose Pigment
NYX Flamingo 
MAC Satin Taupe
NYX Iced Mocha, NYX Mink Brown, NYX Root beer, Maybelline Silken Taupe, Rimmel Strength, ULTA Twilight
MAC Shadesticks
NYX Eyeshadow Wands 
MAC Shimmermoss
NYX Jungle Fever, ULTA Luna
MAC Shroom
NYX Bearly There, Jordana Beige, Jane Magic Mushroom, Wet 'n Wild Flirt Shimmer Stick
MAC Sky Blue Pigment
NYX Cool Blue 
MAC Star n Rockets
NYX Luxor 
MAC Sumptuous Olive
NYX Herb, Milani Antique Gold, ULTA Golden Olive
MAC Sushi Flower
NYX Cherry, Prestige in Love 
MAC Wondergrass
NYX Kiwi 

Hope it helps! I know some colors might be discontinued now, but oh well!

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