Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lemonade showers

I've been going through old pictures and ran across pictures I snapped at my best friend's bridal shower... memories! June 1st, 2006. Sorry, this post will be picture heavy!

The theme? Pink Lemonade!
Location: Laguna Beach, CA (we had to get up early and camp out to hold the space and set up starting at 6 a.m.!)

Do it yourself bridal shower favors... Lemon scented bath salt, custom ordered jars, raffia, bath salt scoopers, custom printed jar labels assembled by us.
Pink leis, lemonade, and a gorgeous view!
The other table we reserved nearer to the beach path.

It was a HOT & sunny day! Bride & I got sunburned--even after reapplying several times!

Frozen strawberries in the lemonades!
Prepping fresh yummies!

View from the path going down to the beach & our site.

We didn't have plates for the bruschetta we made, so we used Victoria's Secret boxes!

Most delicious cake!

Won't post the embarrassing lingerie gift photos we made her open, especially with her mother-in-law standing behind her making jokes.

The girls!

Scrapbooking time... reminds me that I need to finish that darn thing!!

End of the party... speaking from our hearts to give advice, love, and encouragement with a release of a balloon from each of us attending.

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  1. Oh YEAH! That's when I got that TERRIBLE farmer's tan and watch tan. And burnt my scalp... haha

    And remember the traffic that everyone got stuck in?!! Ah, memories! That was so much fun and you guys spoiled me so much!

    When we do your bridal shower, I'm wearing strapless.