Thursday, March 4, 2010



My 2005 OEM tires are about to retire as they are over 46k miles, nearly hitting 47k now.  The sidewalls have tiny cracks in's time to make my car safe with all the commuting I do!

I've narrowed my search down to 2 tires (215/45-17):

"Continental ExtremeContact DWS" vs. "Michelon Pilot Sport A/S Plus"


I've been through the big online retailers (,, and found a retailer in Cerritos (an hour drive away) that beats all of these guys prices by at least $30 a tire! That's $120.  Mounting & Balancing is $15 per tire at most $60+tax.

I am debating on whether to have my tires shipped or pick them up. $450 vs. $485 incl. mounting & balancing.  Hmmm... I think $35 is worth it to pay for gas & time traveled to pick up the tires.

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