Sunday, March 7, 2010

Knit sweaters & Crochet

haha... I guess I am catching up with my blogging today!

I have a top from H&M that is similar to the one pictured below.  The sleeves are crocheted so you can see glimpses of skin and the rest of the top is solid knit.  Perfect for layering!  I also have some lace socks from Forever 21 like the ones below and black patent pumps from Aldo I got on sale a long time ago for $30.  When I saw this while flipping through a magazine I was totally excited because I had been wondering how I'd wear those socks!  I don't have a pearl necklace, but I think I'd rather layer on some chain necklaces on anyway.  We should all have a basic black tank top in our closet somewhere with some shorts (I happen to have some from H&M with the rolled up cuff).  OR you could wear a form fitting basic black stretch mini-dress underneath. I also have a long-strapped purse I got from H&M that would complete this look.

Sweeet! Enjoy!

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