Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thong. Sandals.

As much as I adore thong sandals, I don't find them to be comfortable for my particular set of feet. I love how sexy and cute they can be at the same time, embellished, or just a simple, plain strap. But alas, that space between my big toe and the adjacent toe don't like to have straps between them and hate me later when they're red, cut up, and painful! My webbing must be more sensitive or higher up or something.  Heels, I'll take the pain for.  But something so casual as sandals? No thanks, I'll save the pain for the pumps, platforms, and stilettos.  So I try to avoid them, but that doesn't stop me from admiring them.

For you girls lucky enough to have cute feet that don't get angry at you for wearing thong sandals, do it! But please, please, have your feet scrubbed and toe nails pedicured! I am one of many people who like to notice your feet if you have them exposed!  I'm not trying to look at something crusty or sprawled eagle claws.  If your toes tend to spread out, wear some t-straps instead of thongs! Something to support those suckers! Plus it'll make your feet look tons better!

Thanks for listening!

Here is a cute sandal that offers both the thong and the side foot support. Another steal/deal duo I found!

Juicy Couture Morgen ($195) - Get it at
Classified ($18) - Get it on sale at for ~$15

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