Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vitacreme B12 - Updates

I wanted to write a follow up to my previous initial review for this cream I wrote 10 months ago.  I am super happy with the results I've gotten with this for my fine forehead frown lines.  My skin is firmer and the texture more even all around and those fine lines can only be seen if I put my face super close to the mirror!  I am pretty sure that I have this cream to thank for it! 

Mind you, I am horrible at remembering to go through the "routine" of putting on serums, moisturizers, and creams every night.  However, when I do remember (or become "unlazy") to put it on, I gently massage it into my forehead in circles.  Although the scent is light and floral, I really wish it would have no fragrance at all just because it's an unneeded ingredient that doesn't really contribute to anything at all.

The reason why I wanted to do an update is because I think that slowly, but surely, the fine "laugh" lines around my mouth are beginning to fade.  That is significant.

I've used it under my eyes (patting it on very gently with my fingers and letting it absorb) and still have not noticed my fine lines going away there, though the skin is firmer.  I think that I might be switching to something stronger for my mouth and eye area--mainly Argireline.  I should be getting it in the mail in about a week, so hopefully I can have a review within a month's time for that (and reveal what product I purchased).

I think like most things, everyone's skin will react differently.  Not everyone will benefit from every product and some people may be more sensitive to the ingredients than others.  That's the beauty of people and their skin--everyone's different!  But it makes it oh so much more difficult to find something that works without having to spend loads of money "experimenting" to find it.

Oh, and by the way, has lowered their price to $21.80 when I just checked! Talk about fluctuating prices in the beauty world!

Good luck, ladies!

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