Saturday, January 23, 2010

More makeup

Forgot to post that my package from came on January 18th!

I am currently testing the Vitacreme B12 and the Lucky Bi Joie face roller.

Vitacreme B12
I have been using this at night before bed and in the morning since January 19th.  The creme is a light, pink, cool and lightly floral? scented cream formulated in Switzerland.  It absorbs quickly and the reviews I've read says that it absorbs pretty deeply into the epidermis.  I've massaged this into my forehead and I think that I am seeing the fine lines starting to fade!  It's supposed to take 2 weeks before results are seen.  My skin does feel a little firmer though.  I've also been massaging it into some acne scars, the fine lines around my cheeks/mouth and the fine lines beginning to form under my eyes.  So far, my under eyes have seen no noticeable change.  The lines around my mouth seem just about the same as well.  Perhaps it is because of more movement?  Who knows?  I'll follow up in 2 weeks for the results and then to try the Biotherm Skin Vivo line!

Apparently, has raised the price on this! When I ordered it, I got it for $33.30 USD.  Now that I go back to check, it is OOS and $45.20 USD!  If I decide to repurchase, I'll be finding another vendor.  Looks promising:  $36.00 Free shipping and no tax!

Lucky Bi Joie Face Roller
I like how this feels on my face.  It's like giving yourself a facial massage. :)  I can feel the skin between the V-shape rollers tightening.  I definitely think this is boosting the circulation of blood and fluid under my skin because I think I've been doing it too much! I read other reviews how other people started to break out a little after using face rollers.  I think it may be a combination of my using the roller and my time of the month because I have 2 zits along my jawline.

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