Saturday, January 30, 2010


I wanted to write a quick review on these booties I got last December

Super comfy and well balanced! Soft leather and my feet feel secure in this cute little booty with pointy little heels (I love stilettos!).  They're not quite true stick thin stilettos, but they've got a modern, sturdy edge to it with the slightly thicker rounded top nearer the heel.  And I love that it's GRAY! My fav color!  It's a lower cut bootie, so if you're used to those kinds that wrap around your ankle, it might take some getting used to in walking around in these as you won't have "ankle support."  I kind of like the freedom, rather than restriction of movement of my ankles though. ^_^

I had to order these through the store (free shipping) because they didn't have my size in stock.  One thing to note is that it looks like the leather was "stained" the color gray because when I lifted under the straps I saw some obviously lighter patches of gray stained leather underneath on the body of the shoe. hm... oh well, totally unnoticeable if you leave the straps in place.  I bought these with a bunch of gift cards I collected for my birthday and Christmas.  Happy belated birthday to me!

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