Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peep toe sling back stiletto

These are not the newest shoes out there, but I have a wedding coming up and this is what the bride requested the bridesmaids shoes look like:

Left to Right:
Sergio Rossi - Cachet $695.00
Sam Edelman - Novato $99.95
Steve Madden - Laineyy $89.95 (on sale as of 5/26/11 for $53.95)

Since they've been out for awhile, I had trouble finding my size in stores.  I was able to order the Steve Madden Laineyy (black satin, 5" heel w/o the insole, 1.25" platform--these are higher than what's stated on their website) online for the sale price.  They don't make these in 5.5, so I ordered the 6 because sometimes I've had luck with them running small.  Sadly, after getting them in the mail and trying them on, they were too big.  They made a huge error in the length of the straps in the back and they were far too loose.  Back to the store these will go.  For the sale price point, I would not at all have minded keeping these.

SO, because I had to have this style (and I'm not about to fork out $700), I ordered the Sam Edelman Novato from (no where else could I find this shoe being carried in 5.5!).  These are patent black leather, 5" heel (including the insole), 1.5" platform.  I can't find these in suede (they don't make in satin) anywhere in my size.  I got these just today and they fit! What a difference in quality too.  The stitching at the keyhole peep-toe is much cleaner and neater, and you're getting much better quality in workmanship and materials (leather sole, patent leather outer).  I'm not even going to go into the Sergio Rossi shoes because that goes above and beyond what I could ever afford.  Oh, P.S. these are really, surprisingly comfy to walk in! Must be that extra high platform.

This is a very rare occasion where I had both the (affordable) shoes at the same time to do a comparison, so please enjoy the photos below!

Satin (SM, left) - Patent (SE, right)

 Satin (SM, front) - Patent (SE, back)
 Notice the difference in the toe box. Sam Edelman are slightly longer in the toe and the keyholes are different.
Stitching. The people at SM could've done better with trimming those extra threads.

 Toe to toe (SE with a slightly higher platform)
Heel to heel
 SM with a slightly higher "heel" because of the insole (adds about an extra .25")

Steve Madden - Laineyy on both feet (notice loose, long, hangy straps)

 Sam Edelman Novato on both feet

And walking on the ceiling with the keepers - Sam Edelman Novato

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