Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jessica Simpson - Carlina

Oh Hey! I stumbled across these at Ross today for $19.99 (MSRP $98.00)! Steal!! Jessica Simpson "Carlina" - Cognac brown straps with wrap-around knit grey texture on the platform and heel? Yay! Kind of reminds me of the color scheme from the House of Harlow Fionna wedges.  And, as always, comfy heels. Love the built in padded insoles!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bridesmaid dress design

I've been MIA for quite awhile now... Been busy with school. Just finished rotations in OB and pediatrics and now I just started critical care/ICU.  I had a busy last clinical last week in the ER, meeting the helicopter at the hospital's helipad to bring down a septic patient to the ICU, and then this week with multiple patients in and out for heart stents, catheterizations, and pacemakers.  Take care of your heart! Exercise, DON'T smoke, and eat well!

Anyhow... I managed to get some of my bridesmaid duties down planning the bachelorette party next month and assisting in wedding logistics for later this year.

I sketched this a concept of the custom bridesmaid dresses that my mom helped to sew for the bridesmaid... sneak peak at the back (we chose the diamond back).

Aldo Gagliardi heels

I grabbed these on sale for one of my close friend's weddings later this year.  I am a bridesmaid once again! This time the request was for gold shoes, bridesmaid's choice!  So my search began and I found these!

Presenting Aldo's Gagliardi.  They are quite nice.  And only $30 right now! I love the detail in the interwoven straps.  Not bad comfort-wise for 5.5" heels either!

Heel Height: 5.5 inches
Platform Height: 1.25 inches

Sunday, July 1, 2012