Sunday, September 15, 2013

Phillip Lim x Target bag haul

Early bird gets the worm!! Hellooooo #philliplim !

I was online stalking the #twitter feeds for #philliplimfortarget since 8:30pm PST last night for the possible "wee hours" 9pm PST/12am EST online launch until the full line launch sometime after 1:30am PST to nab these. So, a good 6ish hours of waiting at home on the #target website, I was fortunate enough to get a bunch of the bags for LESS than the price of ONE leather Phillip Lim Pashli bag. Not too shabby!

I had quite a time refreshing the webpage, checking Twitter, and checking the Target app to add and checkout the items as they slowly leaked/rolled out the bags. Apparel was first to start going live, and looking at Twitter, people were getting pretty antsy when 12am PST hit and no bags were live yet (save for the khaki Valise, which I passed on). FB@TargetStyle promised no specific time, so I wasn't "angry" like some online shoppers were when midnight hit and no bags went live yet.

I knew that shipping was free for purchases over $50, so I checked out pretty quickly after I added the bags that were individually rolling out to make sure they didn't go out of stock before completing the checkout. The only bag I missed that sold out in my cart was the Top handle cross body in black. It's okay, I'll "settle" for the Mini Satchel with gusset (aka: the 'accessible' Pashli) in black.

Reading Twitter and Instagram posts now show me how fortunate I was. I had no idea it'd be so crazy! Thank you to those who shared links!

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