Friday, January 20, 2012

YES to eos!

What the company says about the product:
Long-lasting moisture
Shea butter & vitamin E
Smoothes on clear
New smooth sphere precisely glides on to lips
Twist-off top
Ahhh! I am obsessed with eos (evolution of smooth) lip balms! I have a major problem of my lips just flaking and getting that nasty white gunk (dead skin cells) sloughing at where my lips meet. Chapsticks don't work for me. Burts Bees doesn't even work for me! (Remember, everyone's different. My sister swears by Burts). I've been using Carmex lip balm (the squeeze container) and that has been the only thing that works for me, but it is kind of on the wet/glossy/sticky side. It's great to wear to bed and get my lips hydrated, but for the day time I wanted something a little less shiny.

In steps in eos!  I had to hunt down each of these scents for these Smooth Spheres. The "flavor" is all the same--it's sweetened with Stevia! Natural! AND, it is 95% USDA approved organic, 100% natural! Thank you! The first balm I purchased was the red one (summer fruit).  Strangely, it took a couple of swipes before it went on "smoothly."  It kind of pulled at my lips at first (I was disappointed!), but then I don't if it was because of the temperature, but then it glided on very nicely.  No overly waxy feeling. No unnecessary gloss. My lips feel hydrated! Yippee! These are made in the USA, and not tested on animals! The shapes and colors are cute and fun too! No worrying about it twisting up and smashing into the cap in your bag, or the cap falling off (it twists on threaded half-spheres), you can apply to both lips at the same time by just puckering up, and it's super easy to find when digging in your purse.

I know some people have complained about the smells of several of these.

  • Red = Summer fruit - Some people said it smelled like cat urine? Weird! I didn't think so at all. Maybe they got a batch that went bad. These things expire after about 2 years.  Some of them had expiration dates printed on them. It's a fruity smell, not sure how to describe it)
  • Pink = Strawberry sorbet - Super sweet smelling. I don't mind it, it kind of reminds me of strawberry soda.
  • Purple = Passion fruit - I really like this smell! It's kind of like Asian grape gum balls that I used to get from the market as a kid.
  • Aqua = Sweet mint - It's mint, it's sweet, and it has a nice little tingle when you apply too! My fav!
  • Green = Honeysuckle honeydew - Love this smell too! I can definitely smell honeydew
  • Orange = Tangerine - This is the only one that is medicated. It has 0.5% Phenol, and you definitely smell it when you unscrew the sphere. It's a strange alternating scent of tangerine and the medicated smell. It is definitely not my most favorite, but I would like to think that the medicated extra oomph is good for my lips.
  • Yellow = Lemon drop spf 15 - Yummy! It definitely smells like lemon drop candies and is the only eos lip balm that has SPF protection in it. It changes the texture a little bit, but still glides on beautifully.
  • Cream = Vanilla bean smooth stick lip balm - For those days where you just need to stick something in your pocket and not have it bulk out crazy-like.  It's a very subtle vanilla, but nice. It's not a sickening, overly perfumey vanilla, so I definitely like it.  I think it doesn't glide on as well (hardly noticeable), but  maybe it's because it has to be sturdy enough to twist up and down.
The smooth stick also comes in Pomegranate raspberry and Sweet mint, but I think I'll hold off for a little while. lol.

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