Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thoughts on Jeffrey Campbell Lita Dupes?

I have seen these floating around at about $40 a pop (compared to JC Litas at $150+).  And as much as I really like quality in shoes, I can't fork out that much on one pair of shoes!  I have been resisting buying this style since it came out (they kind of look clown-ish, don't they? with that ridiculously huge platform and 5" chunky heel...), but I don't see the trend dying out any time soon.  It looks like it'll most likely be one of those "iconic" shoes of a fashion era. The bargain hunter in me just picked up 2 pairs (taupe "suede" for $26 and black woven leatherette for $29), but I'm waiting to get my eyelet setting supplies in to finish off the shoelace holes just to make them like a little spiffier.  Worn pictures soon.



  1. where did u get ur lita.dupes? theyre gorgeous!

    1. I can't find my exact styles anymore, but I searched around and found that your can buy other styles from or . I think you might be order the taupe suedes from - good luck!