Sunday, January 15, 2012

Geo Bella (Beauty) Brown

Here's my first. I have VERY dark brown eyes and these did a good job of lightening them up a little and enlarging my little irises.

Before: Natural colored eyes below (top)
After: Geo Bella or Beauty Brown lens (bottom)
14.0 mm

These are pretty comfortable after a good 6 hour soak in regular contact solution after opening them from the vials.  I think I wore them for about 8 hours and out on a motorcycle ride. I've also worn them to school for a day and just re-wet them with some contact drops (Blink) and they were nice and moisturized again.  I like the more "natural" looking lenses that blend well with my dark eyes. I'd definitely repurchase after these expire.

*Please do not remove any of my watermarks. I'm providing these photos as reference for those who are interested in the lenses.

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